Monday, June 29, 2015

Leawood Fine Art Grand Opening

Dierk Van Keppel Art Glass and art by Noelle Stoffel

This past Friday evening was the grand opening for Leawood Fine Art's new space at Camelot Court in Leawood, KS. When we arrived not only was the gallery packed with people there were also about 30 people outside drinking wine, having refreshments and a great time! Leawood Fine Art has been in business 20 years in the area.

Mike Dean, the gallery owner is on the left with gallery patrons

Landscapes by Carla Craven

Leawood Fine Art offers a variety of superb services. These include Custom Framing and Custom Mirrors,  Art Consultations and Installations, and Corporate Art Consultation.

Christopher Jackson's Happy Trees

Fine Art Photography by Paul Bonnichen

Paul is also well known for his fine art photography of Kansas City Landmarks.

Abstract Expressionist Art by Noelle Stoffel

Artist Christopher Jackson on the left with gallery patrons

This is just a small selection of fine art and art glass available at Leawood Fine Art! 

The Kansas City area is very fortunate to have an impressive selection of art throughout the city. We also have some of the most important  supporters of The Arts in the world as is seen in the vast array of museums in the greater Kansas City area.

Aspen Trees by artist Daniel Fishback

Fine Art Glass Installation

Contact Mike and his team of art experts at:

Leawood Fine Art 11709A Roe Avenue Leawood, Kansas 66211 Phone: 913.338.4999 Fax: 913.338.4807 Email:

The website is  

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